Whats up now 2005!

xDEATHSTARx had an awesome year in 2004. We got signed to Life Sentence Records. We released our first full length, "The Triumph". We lost some members, but we gained some great additions. We got to go on tour, and play Hellfest. We played alot of good shows, anh had a really good time doing it.

2005 should be good also. This year we are planning on playing out of california a lot more. We have a show on Jan 8th, in Tuscon Az, and the 28th in Pomona Ca @ the glasshouse with Bleeding Through and Plague: The Red Letters

We have also been working on some new material, and are planning on going into the studio very soon and putting out a split 7 inch with our friends, Suffocate Faster.

2005 is going to rule.


Here is some news for ya...

Its been a long long long time since I worked on this website. I think its about due for a face lift. We have a new secion, "IMAGES". You can check out pictures from a bunch of our shows, flyers, recording sessions, and other stuff. The image section gets updated alot so check back frequently.

The biggest news for us right now is the show we have on 11-19-2004, at the glasshouse in Pomona Ca with NIV. Thats right, NIV is back and they asked us to play with them. Its going to be an amazing show. We are playing second, so please come out, sing along and have fun with us.

We also have NEW MERCH! everyone has been hounding us to get some hoodies, so we finally did. We also have some new shirt designs avaliable. We will be adding a web store for you to order merch online, but for now you'll have to come see us play to get something.

We may be playing in AZ in mid December if everything works out. We love Tuscon.


To Hell(fest) And Back Again
We are back from hellfest. It was an amazing experiance! There were so many bands and so many cool people, it was to much to take in all at once. If you have never been to hellfest, I highly suggest that you make the trip next year. We got a really good time slot on one of the side stages, and played to a big crowd. People went nuts. Its was rad to see kids we have never met singing along to some of our new songs. Im going to be posting pictures from hellfest in the next few days as i redesign the site.

Our album "The Triumph" is out an avaliable in record stores, and several online distributers. You can check out some our our new material by checking out our e-card on Life Sentence Records

We will be playing a CD release show at the showcase theatre on corona ca, on August 7th (7:00pm $10), With our friends Sinai Beach, Life or Death, Every Man 4 Himself and Plague: The Red Letters. Its going to be an awesome time. Please come out and have some fun with us.


You can check out one of our new songs, "Suffocate Faster", to get a taste of what our new material sounds like. If your into it, you can pre-order "The Triumph" for $5 now from life sentence records! The CD will hit stores on July 13th, but if you want to save some cash, pre-order it now.

We are going to be playing this years HELL FEST, In Elizabeth NJ, July 23 - 25. We dont know what day we are playing yet, but we are stoaked to be playing this year. We are going to be driving across the US playing a few shows to get to HELL FEST and back. I'll post a full list of dates and locations once we have everything on lock down.

If you have an account on MySpace.com, check out our band profile, and be out friend


Well, its done. We just finished recording our first full length album, "The Triumph". Its release date is July 13th on Life Sentence Records.

We had an awesome time recording at Pappa Joes Studio in Redlands Ca. The Triumph is going to be 10 songs, and about 30 minutes long. We recorded 4 songs off of our demo, and 6 new songs.

We dont have any shows booked right now, but we are gearing up to start booking a US tour for this summer. Hopefully Lifesentence will have an e-card or something soon so you can get a taste of our new material.


Today was a great day! Its official now, we are signed to Life Sentence Records!. The people behind the label are really great and we feel that xDEATHSTARx is really going to be given the chance to grow through their support and help. We enter the studio at the end of this month to record our first full length, which will be released by Life Sentence Records. We cant wait to record some of the new material we have been working on. Until the new album is finished we wont be playing many shows, but we will doing a full US tour once the album hits.

Recently however we got the chance to play a few shows with our buddies Scars of Tomorrow in Phoenix Arizona and In Conoga park, California. We always have fun in Arizona. While we were there we found out that we are part of the AxtionFest 2003 DVD. If your interested in getting a copy of it, contact me, and I we will see what we can do.

Thank you for everyone that has come out to our shows and had fun with us. We really cant wait to put out new material and tour more.

Check out Life Sentence Records website for some other great bands.


Oh man! sorry for the lack of updates. I dont know why i have been putting off updating the site for so long. In the last few months since the last update, a lot of good things have been going on. We played a rad show with Throwdown and Chain Reaction in Anahiem Ca, and we just recently got to play again with our friends in Scars of Tomorrow and one last time with Falling Cycle at the showcase theatre in corona ca. Thanks to everyone who came out to those shows, we love playing for you guys.

We havent been playing alot because we are working on new material. We are planning on recording a full length and hitting the road this summer. we cant wait

Until then you can head over to the shows section and look at the new pictures i have posted, and the music section to listen to our demo ep. I have posted all of the songs for you to download. Please burn them and hand them out to your friends and family members.
--Josh Highland


I guess the big news right now is that Keeper Magazine is going to be doing something one us, and that we are playing a benefit show for the American Lung Association of Orage County with Throwdown on November 28th at Chain Reaction. The show is going to sell out, so get your tickets soon! That show is also going to be your last time to see us for a while. We are going to stop playing shows for a while so that we can focus on finishing up the material we have for our full length. We are planning on recording In February 2004, and releaseing it in March.


I have updated our show listing and added some pictures and flyers from our last few shows. I want to say im sorry to all the kids that were planning on seeing us in Las Vegas on the 17th of October. There was some booking problems, and they dropped us from the show.... no worries we will be out that was sometime. Our next few shows, we are headlining. Whats even better is that we are playing with some great bands, and some friends of ours. Check out the flyers below and come out and have a good time with us.


We have been working on new songs and have started to play some of them at shows. We have just got done from playing some amazing shows with Bleeding Through, Atreyu, God Forbid, Underoath and Scars of Tomorrow. Thank for everyone who has been coming out to these shows and having fun with us. We also have some new shirt designs in, so check thouse out the next time you see us. Check the shows listing to see when we are playing next.


I updated the site with our upcoming shows. We are pretty excited about the shows that we are going to be playing. and looking forward to seeing all of the bands we get to play with. We have finished up some new songs, so expect to hear them from us the next time you come see us play. Remember, the mosh belt is up for grabs!


Ok, its been a long time since I updated the dXs site, but better late then never!

We have been paying shows like crazy in Salt Lake, Salinas, San Digeo, Lake Elsinor, and Corona. We have pictures and flyers from all for the shows in the "shows" section of the site. Ive also updated the Music section of the site, and added a new mp3 for you to check out.



The show At St. Edwards was AMAZING! 900+ people came, the bands were great, the sound was good, the mosh was going off, it was just a great time. We have pictures here

The first xDEATHSTARx mosh champion has been chosen!

Emanual went off like no other at the show, and was crowned the champion by Wayne Duke, the offcial judge of the contest. He also won the $50 notPopular.com mosh prize money. Emanual also get on our guest list for our next show..... however, if you go off more then him, you can take the title, and the belt from him.... every show is a title fight, who wants it more?

We have alot of good things going for us, "Die to Remain" has been added to a compelation CD, "Rise Up" on Fight Fire With Fire Records, and distributed through Revelation Records. Other bands on the album include "Never Surrender", "Come Back Kid", and "Where Eagles Dare". The album will be released on June 10th for $5.00


We are playing an awesome show with Bleeding Through, Scars of Tomorrow, Gone Without Trace, and some other great band on the 22nd of march at St. Edwards church in Dana Point. It starts at 6:30pm, and its only $6 for 7 bands. If thats not a deal, I dont know what is.

So whats up with the xDEATHSTARx belt? What do you mean championship? ok, here are the details: Your go crazy on the floor, you win the the championship title, you get on the guest list for the next show, you get to wear the belt at the show if you feel like it, your picture with the belt goes on this site! The only catch is that you have to defend the title at the next show, or it moves on to the person who went crazier then you. simple. Crazy doesnt mean tuff. If you do a double back flip off a speaker stack, the odds of you taking the title goes way up.


A lot of people have been asking about the band and about the website. Sorry for being laggy on getting the xDEATHSTARx site up and running. Im working on some cool things, and should get that going soon. We want to thank everyone that came to our show at the Showcase Theatre in Corona Ca earlier this month. We were filming for a Video and DVD, and got some awesome footage. As soon as its all edited together, I'll post it. You can look at pictures from the show here, or by looking in the shows area. We have a lot of good shows comming up that we are all excited about playing. Most notably, we have shows with Bleeding Through, Scars of Tomorrow, and Until The End booked. Scroll down for the dates and more info